Earache remedies are commonly based on home remedies for earache because it is cost effective and the products used for this purpose are easily available within one’s home. Herbal treatment, in this regard, is considered as the most effective earache treatment.

A very simple earache home remedy in this regard is the undertaking of pleasant soothing herbal teas. Almost all herbal teas are effective as earache remedies, but, the herbal tea summer savory will be much more effective than any other herbal tea. In addition, the basil tea will also relief pain and will serve as an effective earache treatment.

An earache treatment using basil leaves can be done by taking a small pinch of healthy dark green leaves and roll these leaves in your palm like a ball. Squeeze the leaves ball into your ear until the plant’s juice comes out. Don’t’ worry if only one drop trickles out as a single drop may show a positive result. Keep your head tilted to the opposite side to allow the drop to penetrate deeper into the ear. Continue to massage the outer earlobe in order to relax the muscles of the ear.

In case of home remedies for earache by Basil leaves does not produce enough juice to constitute a drop, try washing and hand drying them. The moisture present due to the washing of the leaves will cause the production of juice into the leaves.

Furthermore, use of lemon juice or onion juice as earache remedies can be used by applying the juice of onion or lemon onto cotton ball and place it on the offending ear. In case there is any sort if ear infection, this herbal earache home remedy will stop it immediately. Another herbal earache remedies can be a twig from a hickory tree. The process is that hold the twig on the stove until the oil pours out. Drip this oil into the ear and it will provide you a relief from earaches.

Use of oils as earache remedies is a quite common practice. Three types of oils are most commonly used for soothing the ears pain. These oils are:

Sweet Almond Oil: this type of oil is the most widely used form of relaxing earaches. The way to use this oil as earache remedies is that warm a teaspoon by dipping it into hot water. Fill up quarter of the spoon with the sweet almond oil. Pour the oil into the ear which is aching and tilt your head on the opposite direction. Make sure the oil is not too hot; otherwise it may cause any infections. Gently massage the joining place of the ears and the cheeks for a while. This process can also be repeated using olive oil.

Garlic oil: it is a natural antibiotic. This can be used by crushing a clove of garlic and pour some olive oil on it and leave the mixture to set for 2-3 days. Before using, warm up the oil and pour into the ear with the help of a dropper. Cover with cotton and leave for 20 minutes. This procedure must be repeated 3-4 times a day.

Summarizing, use of herbal products as earache remedies is quite useful and effective.